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Hi, I'm the... author/creator/artist of this here game. This is my very first game and I am extremely new to this, so please be gentle. This here is an early beta so I can get some advice and constructive criticism. As I said, this is my very first game, and my very first attempt at anything like this. At the moment there is no music, and some things may seem unedited. The art may be a little different to what you've seen or it may be a little weird at first, but it's very basic and it does not use linework. It is all blurred with each other as a mix of colours. And the beta does cut out mid-scene, once you get to the cabin. There are multiple endings.

Way Home - Beta

A visual novel where you, the player, are stuck on an empty deserted island, you wake up to find a journal with you. This journal was left by a previous explorer. You have no idea how to get home, who you are or even where home is. You don't realise this until you wake up on day two.

06.05.2017 Update

Hi, I have recently gotten my computer back and I am recovering from a computer crash, so I have to remake what I had of the beta to continue, but there may be a different idea behind it.

Install instructions

Extract and run the game file. There is a file to run for all platforms so it should work on all computers.


Way_Home-Beta-all.zip 30 MB

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